The Five Best Smartphones for Watching Videos

In today’s fast-paced world, you can turn your commute or lunch break into a movie break. Through the years, cell phones have continued to develop into all-in-one entertainment devices. The screens have grown larger and clearer. The cell phone developed into a device that could do everything your MP3 player, computer, and camera could do. What makes a phone capable of comfortably displaying movies? Screen size, resolution, and processor speeds determine the quality of video that can be played on the phone. Here are five excellent smart phones capable of playing videos in high quality.

The HTC One is an obvious choice. It has a decent sized 4.7 inch, high definition 1080 p screen. It also has speakers in the front of the phone just in case you want to watch a movie together with some friends. Out of the box it doesn’t support as many file formats as some other Android phones, but downloading certain apps will fix this. The screen is a 468ppi (pixels per inch), so HD material will look great. If you get a Media Link HD adapter and connect it to your TV you will even be able to stream your movies to the big screen.

iPhone 5
The iPhone isn’t normally thought of being on the cutting edge of watching videos. However, the iPhone 5 extends the 3.5-inch screen iPhone that has been the norm since its release. The iPhone stretches lengthwise rather than widthwise. Its 4-inch, 1,136 x 640-pixel display means that the Retina Display is the same, but with extra screen area rather than a crisper image. One downside to the iPhone 5 is that it only recognizes a small number of video files, so you may need to convert the files beforehand.

Samsung Galaxy S4
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is considered the all-around best Android smart phone on the market right now. The 5-inch 1080p HD display yields a pixel density of 441ppi (pixels per inch) – a little less than the HTC One. However, there is evidence that the human eye can barely detect a difference in a picture above 300ppi so this may not make or break the smart phone’s ability to watch quality movies. The Galaxy S4′s HD AMOLED display is crisp with color display and sharply defined details.

Galaxy Note II
When it comes to movies – bigger is better. The Galaxy Note II has a large 5.55 inch HD Super AMOLED 720p resolution display. This phone supports a large variety of video formats so you would have no trouble watching movies regardless of their file type. The 16GB of memory is enough to store movies and you can always add a microSD card to increase that amount. The battery life for this phone is lengthy – a whopping 11 hours of movie viewing.

Sony Xperia Z
The 5.0 inch Xperia Z has a large screen and decent resolution. It is perfectly capable of playing any type of movie you desire. Unlike most smart phones, the Xperia Z is waterproof! It offers an HDMI out port for easy connectivity with a TV. The battery life may not compare to some other smart phones, however, you can still watch movies for at least five hours without needing to recharge. Don’t let the battery stop you from enjoying videos on your phone – download YTD to save and convert videos from YouTube so you can watch them later when your phone has a bit more juice!

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