5 Ways You Can Geek Out Your Web Experience

The Internet is a big place, not to mention a place where many of us spend a good amount of time. When you open your browser, you don’t always know where to start. Here are a few ways you can geek out your web browsing and find new ways to enhance your experience.

1. Stay Tuned

The Music + extension allows you to control your music library through a pop-up or global keyboard shortcuts, so you don’t have to switch windows to change tracks. The extension is designed for use with a Google Play account (which is worth getting to gain access to this extension). Music + provides you with information about the artists and albums, not to mention a quick way to find lyrics. On top of all that, this extension gives you Last.fm integration. Now you’re ready to jam AND browse uninterrupted.

2. Double your Pleasure

Having trouble choosing between video games and Internet browsing? Why not both? With the “Destroy the Web” extension, you can finally have your cake and eat it, too. This extension turns every webpage into a first person shooter. The goal is to destroy the webpage as fast as possible. The extension stores your high scores, motivating you to persist with the senseless destruction.

3. Glued to the Screen

Looking for something interesting to watch but you’re sick of the same old TV shows and movies? Then we’re off to YouTube, the land of endless videos. To keep you from wasting your time browsing endlessly, you’ll want to subscribe to a YouTube Channel. Entertainment and information collide on the “Nerdist” Channel, where you can find everything from games to comic books with comedy sprinkled on top. Save some choice videos for later using a YouTube downloader to show off to your friends. The geeks shall inherit the earth!

4. Personalize the Internet

Bend the appearance of webpages to your will with “Stylebot.” With Stylebot, you can apply custom CSS to any website. After you finish your modifications and save them, the changes will remain until you remove them. If you are not familiar with CSS, you can still use the built in tools to alter basic things like borders and fonts.

5. Feed the Beast

Feeds, or RSS Feeds, are a simple and free way to keep up to date with your favorite websites. Instead of having to check all your usual websites for new articles you can automatically receive summaries of articles as soon as they are published. When you see an article that interests you, click on it and you can view the entire article. There are amazing RSS Feeds out there including the Feeds at denofgeek.com. They have great RSS Feeds for movies, games, TV, comics, and more.

You now have more than enough to fully geek out your everyday web experience. Enjoy and don’t stop here. Keep searching, there are no limits or boundaries to the amount one can geek out their web experience.

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